Be Rich AND Spiritual

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Look at the beauty of this Sulphur crystal and consider how much more each of are as consciousness beings

Look at the beauty of
this Sulphur crystal and consider how much more each of us are as consciousness beings

This is a unique book that explores the psychological, scientific and mystical aspects of how we create our reality.

This book not only shows what “The Law of Attraction and The Secret” didn’t tell us but also gives the  theory and practice of how we create our reality .

This book provides grounded philosophy with a series of exercises along for goal formation and achievement.

We are already creating our reality, often this is chaotic. Find out how you can create consciously and find out what if any limitations there are to your creative abilities

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Find out how to free your mind and go beyond limitation and discover what state of consciousness is required to being Rich and Spiritual. For those who are ready for this new paradigm there are clearly defined steps to follow.

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At this time in our development many of us have reached the level of consciousness
necessary to break down the social conditioning that has placed spirituality and wealth at
opposing poles and step into our true power as abundant, human beings. The Secret and the movement that came out of it, The Law of Attraction, has made many promises, but left out many of the conditions by which it may be understood and used effectively. This book
provides a unique and in depth perspective with clear steps to follow for those who are ready for the next step into abundance. In this book there are clear steps to personal development required to be Rich AND Spiritual to follow.

Many factors involved in creation and co-creation are explored in examining what needs to be in place to be both Rich and Spiritual. This involves the psychology, social conditioning, metaphysics and spiritual components required to attract and maintain wealth, while
remaining authentically whole. This wealth creation book includes strategies and
methodologies for resolving blocks to becoming rich, in a way that is in tune with the heart and soul, for those who are ready to move into the next paradigm. The knowledge and practice of Family Constellations and Vedic astrology are proposed as tools to facilitate awareness and personal development for modern men and women on their journey to freedom. This is a self-help, personal growth book that provides the knowledge and steps required to live abundantly on our planet in a state of harmony. The riches are there for the taking, if you can honor creation by being the highest expression of yourself that you can be.

Yildiz is uniquely placed to write this book, as she is deeply involved in personal development with individuals and groups in offering a unique perspective coming from her experience as a Vedic astrologer and therapist and Family Constellations facilitator and trainer. Not only does she offer a perspective, but also resolutions and steps to follow for personal growth.

This review is from: Be Rich AND Spiritual: You Can be both. Find out what the Law of Attraction left out. (Kindle Edition) Amazon.
Be Rich AND Spiritual weaves a wonderful tapestry of wisdom that you will not want to miss. I have read numerous books on the law of attraction. Previously held beliefs that you cannot be rich and spiritual can be released through this delightful book, as Sethi corrects this false concept, setting you free.Maybe you have tried manifesting, but struggled and felt there was something missing. Sethi has a beautiful writing style like that of an old soul, carefully and gently explaining every nuance in the process. She is armed with all of the tools through her various studies, therefore offering a more comprehensive overview than you may find elsewhere.
My favorite pointers are the reminder regarding matter being neutral. On my own personal path, clearing was regarded to be of prime importance. Often the process of rebuilding via imprinting matter was often overlooked. Without it you may stay in neutral forever. Great for feeling cleansed, but not permanently! The other point is to spend TIME with your visioning of your dreams.


In this enlightening and enjoyable book, Yildiz Sethi explains in great detail what it takes to be truly rich and spiritual. She makes it very clear that these two are not necessarily
mutually exclusive. You need to read this book if you too have grappled with the ideas
presented in many popular Wealth Creation, Law of Attraction or The Secret books and seminars and are not seeing the promised results. Being a Vedic astrologer and an aware spiritual being and counsellor, Yildiz knows too well that there is much more to you becoming rich and/or spiritual than simply visualising and/or having faith in this being so. She intelligently, diligently and compassionately explains the 7 steps required to manifest riches in your life. The riches are there for your taking, if you heed her advice and “honor
creation by being the highest expression of yourself that you can be”. Mira

Briar Willard

For me, the best part of ‘Be Rich and Spiritual’ is the fact that it addresses the thorny problems we have either experienced or seen in the lives of others with manifesting wealth.  Yildiz describes the missing links from the Power of Attraction books and courses.

Why can some people seem to drift through life with positive intentions and create wealth and success with seemingly little effort while others seem to be on an effortful path of struggle and lack?
Have you ever asked yourself why positive intentions and visualizing your success has not brought you the desired results?  Well, the truth is that life is more complex  and
sophisticated and requires more than just holding positive intentions and feelings. This book explains the other aspects of your life that need to be addressed if you are to attract riches while being spiritual.  It includes a workbook section at the end of each chapter to help you to work through some of the pre-requisites necessary to make the Power of
Attraction both effective and productive in your life.    Briar Willard


The law of attraction is about changing our scripts to positive thoughts,  so to manifest the outcome we want….. The brilliance of this book explains that our thoughts are an
energetic vibration, that our karmic experiences charted through the science of Vedic
Astrology, clarifies why some of us create wealth easily and others struggle.  How our blueprint from our ancestors can be dealt with through an experiential process of Systemic Family Constellations, to create change and why our life purpose and spiritual journey is a vital part in creating wealth.   This book distinctly guides you through the 7 steps of
becoming Rich and Spiritual joyfully.  Kerrie

Rhonda Purton-Coles

Yildiz Sethi has crafted her second book with an energy and passion for taking the complex concepts of the Law of Attraction and Financial Abundance, delivering a synthesis of
guidance and a Psycho-Educational approach to simple truths. Yildiz book and words are easy to absorb and conceptualise, which I have benefited from by applying these
principles and practices into my own life.  I highly recommend to invest your next stage of personal and spiritual development by focusing your passion and energies into the
reflective process of ‘Be Rich and Spiritual’.

Rhonda Purton-Coles (M.Soc.Admin; Grad.Dip Workplace Training; B.Social Work; B.A.(Counselling Psychology); Dip.Clinical Hypnotherapy; Master NLP Practitioner)

Karen Mc Donald

When I started to read “Be Rich and Spiritual” I was feeling depleted in energy, vulnerable, lost, confused and in need of help, support and nurturing. I felt very alone and depressed. No one I knew was available at that time to help me and I was too tired to help myself.

From the very first pages I found  myself enthralled, fascinated with the topic and the promise outlined in the introduction.

I am familiar with the ideas outlined in The Law of Attraction, Think and Grow Rich, The Secret and the writings of Deepac Chopra and well aware of the incredible benefits of Family Constellations.

My experience in reading the book was to be gently reminded, nudged into remembering, all that is healing for me,  the truth which has inspired me, while my spirit rejoiced in its revision.

Yildiz incorporates wisdom both ancient and modern, and offers techniques to maintain a balanced perspective, ways to live in alignment with the spirit within and best of all, she offers legitimate explanations and solutions for the difficulties we may face in creating the wealth we desire and the spiritual peace we seek.

She offers advice and suggestions in a down to earth realistic manner as to how we may deal with our troubles and lack of insight. I was intrigued by the wisdom contained in Vedic Astrology and its particular relevance,  in regard to the accumulation of wealth.

Yildiz fulfils her purpose in writing this book. It is thought provoking and well researched. Her words affect not only the mind but speak to the heart and soul as well.  She illustrates her messages with stories from the lives of ordinary people and offers many questions to ponder about one’s own life, beliefs, values and intentions.

I discovered that the more I read, the better I felt- in all ways.{physically, mentally, spiritually…}. I was truly inspired by Yildiz Sethi’s book. My questions answered. I have an expanded perspective and awareness and acceptance of myself, my place in the world and my own wealth.

Throw away all the others, this book contains all the answers in one volume!