Be Rich AND Spiritual 1

Being Rich

What is being rich? You may be wandering what kind of richness the book Be Rich And Spiritual is referring to. Rich is a big word as it encompasses a kaleidoscope of possibilities. The subject of richness at time may be challenge for many of us particularly those of us who think critically or inquiringly about ‘the world, the universe and everything,’ concerning everything that is happening presently on the planet. For such people who like to look deeper you will know that it is wise if you want an more informed view, to look beyond the scope of popular current affairs, news and media to what is playing out in your personal and social lives.

Many of us are challenged by the growing divide between ‘the haves’ and the ‘have nots’, global warming, climate change, the population explosion and political unrest in the world to name only a few of the worlds present challenges.

Many may ask, in such a climate does it feel inappropriate or insensitive to be focusing on personal richness even though this is what many of us crave at some level? Comfort, ease, abundance and richness.
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