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Innovator of (RCH) Rapid Core Healing and (EMI) Emotional Mind Integration

Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing: Using the unique dual approach of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration: For personal and systemic health. (2016) Yildiz Sethi Available soon

Its never too late to Heal from the Past and Grow into the Present with Acceptance and Love

Its never too late to
Heal from the Past and
Grow into the Present with Acceptance and Love

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Yildiz loves working with people in assisting their psychological healing,  personal development and transformation. This has involved acquiring knowledge and practice that has given her a wide and deep perspective on the mind, emotions and our quest for love as human beings. She offers those who are consciously on a spiritual or personal growth path several avenues to further their expansion and personal development. Yildiz has a wide, deep range of knowledge and can offer assistance in several ways. 

Coming from a scientific background as a former Physics and Chemistry teacher, it has been an important theme for me to find personal development methodologies that are effective.

I have a range of knowledge and skills that are effective and speedy in helping you move forward to the next step in your development. There is no doubt that it is part of everyones path to reach several crossroads in life. One of mine came in my introduction to Vedic astrology at a sensitive point of my life. This took me out of the physical sciences into the spiritual sciences and into a deep study of karma in Vedic astrology. This was a major step in my own personal development and led to a search to find the most effective ways to resolve the deep karmic and psychological patterns that hold us back from reaching our potential. I became involved in personal development as a counsellor, Clinical hypnotherapist, NLP and finally Family Constellations practitioner while remaining a Vedic Astrologer.  I am also a personal development author and speaker. I have 15 years of rich experience in this role.

At particular points in our lives we often require varying levels of assistance in our personal development search to understand and accept ourselves and others and make changes. Relationships are a pivotal part of this as is following and making the most of our life path.

My personal growth through the act of living and having many roles is in life, is probably much like yours. Human roles such as daughter, wife, mother, sister and friend, and career roles such as lab technician, teacher, therapist, astrologer and author have given me so much in terms of the richness and complexity of human connections and interactions on so many different levels, as well as a range of knowledge. A rich life in itself with lots of ups downs and crossroads, with choices having to be made at each turn. The human condition is complex, rewarding and involves, suffering, tragedy and disappointments as well. Like many others over eons of time you like me, have probably wandered what it is all about.

  • Why we are here?
  • What is the purpose?
  • Is this all there is?
  • What happens after death?

From my perspective there is no doubt that we are all connected in the sea of humanity and to our ancestral past, in that we all come from the same source, lost in the midst of time, whether you believe this to be Adam and Eve or the first evolutionary primates in Africa. It is my view and is backed by many others that the root of humanity is deeply rooted in the sea of life and an integral part of universal energy. Indeed the latest in Physics research is coming much closer to the philosophy of the great Eastern yogis in showing our energetic connections to each other and the cosmos. For more information see Stardust on the Spiritual Path.

Each area of my life informs me and modifies my view on life and continues to do so. I am very aware of my own transitions from being very much left and right brain focused simultaneously in my earlier times, as I was naturally fascinated by religion/ spirituality and also the physical world of science. So much so that I became a school teacher in these subjects for many years. (Physics, Chemistry and Multicultural religions). Then came my introduction to the esoteric and the spiritual science of Vedic astrology. A unique personal development way way of viewing the soul’s journey through many incarnations on the road to liberation (Moksha). Becoming One with universal energy. Each life shown in a cosmic map (Vedic astrology) full of symbology, laden with a life purpose entwined with mysticism, passion, gifts and challenges; each of us living and creating karma through the act of living. On entry into life we are all challenged with the task of making or finding meaning and accessing joy and happiness in the experiences of life, or not. Thesis our personal development. We all have choice.

My experiences through years of Vedic astrology consultations and studies, led me to
become a therapist with the aim of helping myself and others to come out of negative karmic patterns. This helped me to  come to know and accept myself with my idiosyncrasies and therefore be more compassionate to others, knowing that we are all on the same journey in wanting to connect with the love and happiness which is our natural state. We all pursue happiness and fulfilment through many different avenues in the cycle of life and death. In looking at Karmic matters and realising that they are deeply unconscious cycles for each of us, I decided to seek ways in which I and others could be assisted in understanding ourselves and coming out of negative patterns, towards living more consciously.

This desire for personal development led me me to therapy. I have studied many modalities and now use hypnotherapy, NLP and Family Constellations and Business Constellations in assisting those who are ready to free their mind to go beyond limitations to the next step in their personal growth. My skills and experience of Hypnotherapy assists people in resolving unconscious issues that may stand in the way of their progress. While my skills of Family Constellations and Business Constellations working at the level of the family system that includes ancestral lineage and what we carry with or for them, is by far the deepest way of clearing blockages or sabotage patterns that inhibit growth. For more information see  Family Constellations

I have gained many skills and much experience and each area of knowledge enriches and informs the whole. This means that I deliver the highest quality service for personal development and personal growth to those who are interested in improving themselves , improving their life experience and are wanting to create a better reality for themselves.

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  • Master of Applied Social Science (Counselling).
  • Graduate Diploma Counselling.
  • Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy.
  • Bachelor of Education.
  • NLP practitioner.
  • Ego State Therapy Certificate.
  • Former Lecturer at (ACAP Australian College of Applied Psychology- 8 years)
  • Family Constellation training with many international trainers including Bert Hellinger.

Yildiz is the author of Rapid Core Healing  Stardust on the Spiritual Path and Be Rich AND Spiritual 

She strongly believes that many of us are ready for a shift in personal consciousness on our personal development and spiritual journey and to make new links with each other to form a more enlightened society. She is very happy to be involved with personal development at this time to help those who are ready for change in freeing their mind and going beyond limitation.

Lets Go Beyond limitations

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